Overlawyered Adds Personal Injury Attorney To Blogroll

When pigs fly, I hear you say.

Would the oldest legal blog in America — dedicated to documenting the high cost of our legal system and, perhaps, savoring some of the outrageousness that exists (Pants Pearson, anyone?) for the anecdotal benefits — actually add a dyed-in-the-wool, 100% personal injury attorney to their blogroll? An individual that takes tort “reformers” to task every so often? One who is a guest contributor at Overlawyered’s arch nemesis, TortDeform? Well, yes. They would.

Has Overlawyered gone soft? Have they fallen under the spell of Judge Robert Bork’s new found convictions?

For reasons known only to those within the super-secret confines of the conservative Manhattan Institute (and senior fellow Walter Olson) that runs the site, they have added this trial lawyer (cough, cough, spit, spit) to their blogroll — apparently the only plaintiff’s PI attorney to appear there. And the blogger they added is still a rookie. Will Olson have to turn in his secret decoder ring for this? Will that trial lawyer guy be ostracized and banished from the PI Secret Society and have to turn in his own secret decoder ring?

Stay tuned. It seems that pigs can sprout wings.

I don’t get around to updating my blogroll too often, but I think it’s time to add a few:

  • Overlawyered — Just for fun, I’ll place this entry right between TortDeform and The Tortellini. Excuse me while I grunt and flap my own new wings;
  • Kevin, M.D. — While Dr. Kevin Pho also has a position contrary to mine on some issues, he is a magnificent resource of stories and opinions from the field of medicine;
  • DeliberationsAnne Reed’s terrific blog on everything related to juries. Also a rookie;
  • Above the LawDavid Lat’s legal tabloid…need I really say more?
  • TortsProf — Brought to you by Prof. Bill Childs from Western New England School of Law, who does a great job rooting out tort cases from everywhere the sun shines, and some places it doesn’t.


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