Linkworthy (Stuff I’d Like To Blog About If I Only Had the Time)

Are first-year associates worthless? And do we have an oversupply of them?

Taxpayers get stuck with the bill when drug device manufacturers get immunity for defective products;

They kept insisting he was dead. (“That’s only air escaping his body.”) But the patient indicated otherwise. Who to sue?

Is Carl Paladino, Republican candidate for Governor of New York, a racist, or just a moron? You be the judge; And yeah, a little bestiality is probably enough to bring down a career;

And while I’m on the subject of New York governors, what did Eliot Spitzer get for $2,000/hr? Let’s just say, this is not entirely safe for work;

Prof. Geoffrey Stone debunks Chief Justice John Roberts‘ claim that umpires only call balls and strikes, in the op-ed section of the New York Times;

Roy Mura’s Coverage Counsel gets cited in a law review;

A Melbourne, Florida Melbourne, Australia traffic officer sets a world record for giving out a parking ticket;

Is drunk driving a victimless crime?

And while on the subject of booze…Beer with 32% alcohol? If your government doesn’t like it, maybe they will like the 1.1% beer named Nanny State;

A tiger goes tiger and kills a girl. Does the insurance company have to pony up in a wrongful death suit?

At Deliberations, under new ownership, a discussion of Homer Simpson, Fonzie, MacGyver and other holdout jurors;

If a brain injury is “mild,” is it serious? (And does it matter who’s brain it is?)

A million dollar verdict in New York gets tossed out. Was the plaintiff tossed from a roof?

Blawg Review #259 is up at Legal Blog Watch on its 5th Anniversary, and “Ed Post” guest blogs with a bucketload of questions;

And iff you haven’t hosted Blawg Review yet, here is a list of available dates.


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  • Buffalopundit 2010.4.14 at 14:08 | Quote

    That Melbourne ticket appears to be from Australia, not Florida. Beautifully written complaint letter.

  • Eric Turkewitz 2010.4.14 at 14:12 | Quote

    D'oh! And I've been to the one in Oz, but not the one in Fl.

  • Matt McCusker 2010.4.14 at 15:44 | Quote

    Thanks for the link to Deliberations! Given the "D'oh!" above, I can guess who brought you to the holdout juror article. :)

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