Dominic Barbara, High Profile NY Attorney, Suspended for 18 months

Part of this short story is about a lawyer named Dominic Barbara, who previously represented Howard Stern (and is a regular side-kick, call-in guest on his show). He also represented Joey Buttafuco, Jessica Hahn, and Michael Lohan, each of whom had more than their allotted 15 minutes of fame. New York Magazine once called him the “biggest, brassiest lawyer on Long Island.” And last year he was retained for a headline making crash on the Taconic Parkway that killed eight people (video).

But the more important part, to me, is the fact that what you see on a lawyer’s website, or in the newspapers, isn’t always what you get.

First, as to Barbara. He was suspended this week after “an avalanche of Grievance Committee sanctions” (nine Letters of Caution, nine Admonitions, and two Advisements). That’s a lot of baggage, and as a consequence of the latest round he was handed an 18-month suspension.  Among the charges, and these seem to be the straws that broke the camel’s back, are that he failed to issue itemized bills as required, failed to supervise the lawyers in his office, failed to timely refund a portion of a fee that had not been earned after the client fired him, and engaged in conduct that adversely reflects on his fitness as a lawyer by failing to adequately communicate with that client (or her new counsel).

But here’s the thing, despite this “avalanche” of sanctions, he has this to say about his firm on  his website:

For more than 35 years, The Barbara Law Firm has performed at the highest level of quality legal representation in the fields of Family, Matrimonial, Criminal, and Civil Law.

The highest levels? I think not. Not with all those sanctions. There is more puffery, of course, as he tries to parlay  the celebrity clients into more business:

Dominic A. Barbara has been leading this firm for more than 30 years, providing personal, assertive, successful legal representation to clients from all walks of life. The housewife, teacher and business owner receive the same care and consideration as the high-profile celebrities who turn to The Barbara Law Firm. Each one is looking for the same thing – a team of brilliant legal minds focusing on his or her individual case.

So what you see on a website isn’t always what you get when it comes to the law. Anybody can write puffery. And just because someone has high profile clients doesn’t mean that they are actually good lawyers. (I never did like that whole “celebrity lawyer” thing.) ” I once tried a case with a guy that had many high profile clients. In the well of the courtroom he was awful. And when I say awful I mean law students could do a better job. I would see him on the news after our trial and the first in my mind was this: His client is gonna hang.

The best way to find a lawyer isn’t by checking out the puffery on a website. It’s by asking around and making sure they handle the problem that you have, perhaps by starting with friends and neighbors and other lawyers who will hopefully be able to direct you to someone who knows what they are doing. In fact, this was the subject of the fourth post I ever did on this blog, more than 1,000 posts ago, when I only had six readers. They were all Bulgarian spammers.

So if you’re hunting for a lawyer, ignore that guy on the news. And certainly don’t be impressed with his website. For as the old New Yorker cartoon goes, on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

Avvo screenshot at about noon on 2/11/11

Addendum: I think it’s worth noting that this “avalanche” of Grievance Committee sanctions didn’t show up on Avvo‘s lawyer rating service, a service of which I’ve previously been critical. (This suspension hasn’t either, but I cut them slack for that because the opinion was just released yesterday.) But the point is that many disciplinary actions are hidden from public view. In other words, Avvo probably couldn’t have found the problems even if they looked. And that type of incomplete information can be rather misleading to the consumer, notwithstanding all the caveats that Avvo might provide. A copy of Barbara’s listing, showing “No professional misconduct found” is at right.


Learning Tricks from an Old Dog (Simple Justice):

Is this your hero?  Is this your savior?  Is this the lawyer who you want standing next to you when your life is on the line?  Or is this the guy who will charge you a whole lotta money because he’s a big time “high profile” lawyer, and when you decide that he’s not the guy you want next to you despite all the puffery on his website, he won’t give you your money back? (more)

Loud Lawyer Dominic Barbara suspended for 18 months (Courtroom Strategy):

I have had clients who have come to me after a foray into his firm’s office that when they complained about the non-stop pouring of money into legal fees, that he would offer to stay on the case if he allowed them to hold a press conference about the case. (more)

Update: Dominic Barbara Retires In Wake of Suspension

(Note: Subsequent to this post, news organizations ran stories on the suspension)


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  • Robert. Wilkins 2011.2.11 at 11:00 | Quote

    Any Class Action Lawsuit from Plaintiff’s unlawfully prosecuted or had Stay Away Orders illegally obtained by Barabara and his firm ?

  • Eric Turkewitz 2011.2.11 at 11:02 | Quote

    There wasn’t anything in the decision that said he had illegally obtained an order of any kind.

  • Tort 2011.2.12 at 09:41 | Quote

    Great News ! Suspended for 18 months. It should have been forever. Hopefully, the next 2 will be [Names of other lawyers deleted by editor]

  • JOHN CERRITO 2011.2.12 at 10:19 | Quote


  • Dvaid Slepkow 2011.2.12 at 11:02 | Quote

    It is interesting that perception can be far different than reality as far as attorney competance is concerned!

  • JOE KNOW 2011.2.12 at 13:20 | Quote


  • Eric Turkewitz 2011.2.12 at 13:40 | Quote

    An anonymous person says:


    You didn’t really add much to the discussion, did you?

  • Vance 2011.2.17 at 01:50 | Quote

    I used Dominic twice. My divorce and a child custody case. Very personable and a nice man, however, he charged me 10,000 retainer for both, no itemized bills, ever. Easy breezy settlements I myself negotiated( I’m an attorney). His hours were minimal. No refund, no itemized statement, and worst he was promising my ex more than we negotiated. I paid 100,000.00 more than I needed to. My ex told me but naturally wouldn’t give up Dominic. After 20 bar admonishments I can’t believe he only got an 18 month suspension.

  • Will 2011.2.23 at 13:39 | Quote

    This is a huge problem for the people of New York. I’ll never understand why the NY Bar website doesn’t list details of an attorneys disciplinary history. In Florida, it’s right there on the website going back 10 years. All of the admonishments in the world mean nothing if no one knows about them.

  • Eric Turkewitz 2011.2.23 at 14:37 | Quote

    I’ll never understand why the NY Bar website doesn’t list details of an attorneys disciplinary history.

    I wish I knew.

    All of the admonishments in the world mean nothing if no one knows about them.

    Well, the disciplinary committees know, so that if they add up stricter sanctions can be added. But letting it add up to 20 before suspending a lawyer is really bizarre. There is no way this should have gone on for so long.

  • Jonathan 2011.3.28 at 14:05 | Quote

    I have hired Dominic Barbara in the past and have found he always conducted himself in a professional manner. After getting to know him on both the client, representative relationship and now also my friend I have come to realize Mr. Barbara is a truly genuine person. I do not believe he deserves all of the criticism surrounding these current accusations.
    Jonathan Kessler/JC Jr.

  • jaye west 2011.8.31 at 21:31 | Quote

    I have known 3 different people who hired him and were very upset later when he took a huge retainer but did absolutely nothing. They tried to get their money back but got no services and no refund. One of them was a child custody case and the woman who hired him had to borrow against her home to pay him. It was all the money she had in the world and she gave him the huge sum he requested hoping that she would not lose custody. He never did anything after she gave him the money. Nothing.

  • stan gaz 2012.1.31 at 11:10 | Quote

    Dominic Barbara is real scum. He invented a fake story so as to prevent me from seeing my kids and it worked. The court acted on the story with no evidence. It hert myself and my children.

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