Congrats (Again) to my brother…

Dan Turkewitz, winner of the Vail Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

Long time readers may remember that my brother Dan is a screenwriter. And the reason you may remember is that two years ago I published a letter he recieved from Justice Antonin Scalia about the legality of secession. That script was a political farce about Maine seceding from the union. The letter went viral.

Congrats to my brother are once again in order. He just took the top screenwriting prize at the Vail Film Festival for his screenplay The Wright Stuff. A comedy, The Wright Stuff is a cautionary tale about the ambitious ghost of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright leading a common draftsman to a long forgotten storage room filled with un-built Wright projects. The draftsman copies them and is hailed as the second coming of the master.

He can add this to his growing award collection that includes the gold prize for top sci-fi screenplay at the Page International Screenwriting Awards for Tranquility Base. That drama takes place in the International Space Station and our Moon Base. (I’ve always wondered if watching Apollo 15 blast off inspired him.)

Now all he needs is an agent to help get these scripts onto the big silver screen.



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